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Baby Beluga is All-Inclusive

At Baby Beluga, we pay close attention to every aspect of our infants' individual needs. Not only are we committed to the safety and security of every baby entrusted to our care, but we are extremely passionate in enriching their unique individual personalities. 

WE PROVIDE: A delicate atmosphere for infants' sensitive needs: gentle music in every classroom, sleeping room white-noise machines, and a soft, serene color palette throughout the entire center.   

WE PROVIDE: Purposeful, teacher directed learning opportunities for physical, emotional and cognitive growth. 
WE PROVIDE: All of your baby's daily diapering needs. This includes all of the cloth diapers, diaper covers, cloth wipes and Lusa Organic diapering products. We also supply the following personal items: sleep sacks, blankets, bedding, bibs and sun bonnets.

WE PROVIDE: A flavorful, all-organic menu of homemade pureed and whole foods to your baby when they are ready to begin solids. At the age of one, those meals and snacks will include organic whole milk.

WE PROVIDE: The ability to share in your child's day! Our software will give parents phone updates and photos of their child's activities as they happen!

Weekly tuition set at $250

Please visit the companies that supply our amenities:
Brightwheel - https://mybrightwheel.com/schools

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