Hush Little Baby

A unique chi flows through Baby Beluga's Nursery. The cleanliness, calmness and hushed lullabies are intended to pamper all facets of your baby's sensory needs.

1, 2, Buckle My Shoe

Baby Beluga will carefully foster and monitor the maturity of your baby's physical, emotional and cognitive milestones using researched-based curriculum.

Sugar & Spice

Our all-inclusive nursery will bring peace of mind and ease the daily stress of our working parents. Rest easy knowing that Baby Beluga provides the best of everything for your baby!

A Traditional Approach

Baby Beluga's mission is to provide parents peace of mind knowing that their little one will be meticulously cared for and affectionately loved. Each child will be keenly nurtured to excel in their individual growth and developmental milestones. We are committed to the welfare and happiness of every precious child entrusted to our care. Baby Beluga Infant Nursery is a beautiful vision put into action by mothers who understand the specific worries working parents have for their babies. We have designed a unique setting for babies under two years of age: embracing the highest of standards and expectations our parents request.